Cogito ergo sum – “I Think Therefore I Am”

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Renowned philosopher Rene Decartes posits “I think, therefore I am”.  This is consistent with the NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) line of reasoning that the body and the mind are two inseparable entities. Bodily functions such as breathing, muscles tensions, feelings and moods are related to your thoughts and vice versa.

I think therefore I am

Thinking right and positive thoughts are  the defining moments. in your life. They shape your life and your thoughts. Start by identifying your governing values. Seek the truth within you. Asking yourself the right questions could be a turning point in your life.


When you start seeking – say a job – the essential question to ask yourself is not ‘what will I do?’ but ‘who will I become?’ Tap into your inner feelings. They represent the ‘real’ you. When you use your mind, most of the time, your ego speaks and it protects you too much from whom you really are. Your heart however, will truly speak you deepest desires and motivation.

I think therefore I am

Your life is defined by the quality of your thoughts, the books you read and the friends you meet. Cultivate positive thoughts all the time. Write out a series of affirmations to take you through the day. Drink deeply from good books.


We are privilege to live in an age where the richness of information is so accessible. Surround yourself with like-minded people who can reinforce your values and thoughts and accelerate your trans-formative process. Leverage on OPE – Other People’s Experience.


Enjoy the process of self-discovery. Savor the feeling of reinventing work. Ignite that passion! Ultimately, we will find out who we really are once we take the bold step to BEGIN and to put color back into our life.

I think therefore I am

Think about it.

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