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Wise Men Fashion Themselves

“Carpenters bend wood. Fletchers bend arrows. Wise men fashion themselves.” – The Buddha   What Do You Stand For? Living in today’s world of near-total transparency where information is just a Google click away, it is essential to ‘stand for’ something. We... read more

The Death of Job Security

Job security is dead.   According to business psychologists Timothy Butler and James Waldroop, authors of Discovering Your Career in Business (Addison-Wesley, 1997), the company you work for no longer dictate the moves you made. Drawing on their combined 30 years... read more

Maintaining Wealth

As a facilitator of Whole Brain Thinking, I use a scientifically proven methodology to help individuals at all levels become more cooperative and productive. Whole Brain Thinkingis based on a metaphorical model that each of us has four brains when it comes to the... read more

The True Meaning of Wealth

The word wealth is derived from the old English word “weal”, which meant “well-being” or “welfare“. Wealth exists in many forms. The most common of which is abundance in the economic sense. In the everyday sense, it is usually... read more

Building A Healthy Self-Image

Self-image: Why Does It Matter? We all possess a “self-image”, a mental picture acquired through our beliefs about ourselves. Self-image grows out of past experiences of success and failure and by internalizing the judgments of others.   How you see yourself now... read more

Stuck In A Rut?

Intuitive understanding some call it. Call it a religion or call it philosophy. It doesn’t matter. Zen is purely devoted to liberating the hidden potential of the human mind. stuck in a rut? In one’s own journey of self-discovery, life poses many puzzling questions.... read more

Being In the Moment

Your mind is bombarded by so many thoughts each second that you are your biggest distraction. According to the Laboratory of Neuro Imaging at the University of Southern California, the average person has about 48.6 thoughts per minute.  That translates to a total of... read more

The Mind and The Ego

Your enemy lives within you. It is called the ego. And all the time, it wants to be in control. Its needs are endless. Ego seeks attachment. It seeks approval. It seeks recognition. Ego makes you strive for power, recognition, success, material gains just to feel... read more

Do Not Aim At Success

Being present. Letting the ego go. These are prerequisites. Now, you are ready to redefine success. In your own ways, in your own terms. do not aim at success Success on your own terms may not translate to a Beemer, a bungalow, a golf membership and rubbing... read more

What Matters Most

What are you passionate about? Do you have something that drives your life or have you been driven by life and taken for a ride? DO you stand for something? What are your life’s priorities? What is unique about you? What are the gifts and talents that you possess? How... read more

I Think Therefore I Am

Renowned philosopher Rene Decartes posits “I think, therefore I am”.  This is consistent with the NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) line of reasoning that the body and the mind are two inseparable entities. Bodily functions such as breathing, muscles... read more

Know Thyself . . .

I supposed at one point in our lifetime we will pondered upon the question of “who am I?” At different stages of my life, I have pondered upon this question. And each time, coincidentally, a major shift takes place in my life.   What You Are Not A few... read more