Estimated Reading Time: 9 MinutesHow To Avoid & Overcome Relationship Deal Breakers In Your Life

“Here’s what I’ve learned about deal-breakers. If you have enough natural chemistry with someone, you overlook every single thing that you said would break the deal.”

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In the captivating world of relationships, there’s something known as “relationship deal breakers.” These are negative traits or behaviors that tip the scales and outweigh all the positive qualities of a person.


It’s like that one sour note in a symphony that makes the whole experience dissonant. And you have no choice but to question the harmony you once hoped for.


Relationship deal breakers can turn your love life into a catastrophic mess. If you want to have a chance at a healthy, fulfilling relationship, it’s important that you recognize and address these “deal breakers.”

It’s not just putting up with someone’s quirks or ignoring the things that make you uncomfortable. It’s those glaring problems that cannot be ignored.


The Zero Tolerance Policy

Ignoring relationship deal breakers is like setting your heart on fire and hoping it doesn’t burn down your whole emotional house. Conventional wisdom often tells you to compromise, give second chances, and settle for less than you deserve.


But you know what? That’s a bunch of nonsense. Life is too short to spend it with someone who triggers your compromises every day.


Now before you think this is going to be a doomsday fest, wait a minute. The purpose of this article isn’t to spread cynicism or make you feel hopeless about relationships.


On the contrary, I want to provide you with the knowledge and guidance that will lead you away from deal breakers. And to create a love life that actually works.




The 6 Major Relationship Deal Breakers

A group of researchers set out to find the relationship deal-breakers that can cause people to reject a potential partner. It turns out that there are six major “red flags” that can kill any possibility of a romantic relationship:


  1. First and foremost is smell – disgusting, unsanitary or an unpleasant odor. A potential partner’s unattractive appearance and health problems such as STDs are also instant love killers.


  1. Next, we have the vices that can derail even the most promising relationship. Any love story can be ended by a problematic criminal past, alcohol or drug addiction, or both.


  1. The third red flag is about emotional dynamics. Being clingy, controlling, or overly jealous is like barbed wire surrounding a relationship, giving it little chance to flourish.


  1. When it comes to potential love interests, excessive promiscuity and a long list of ex-partners are definitely a no-no.


  1. Moving on, there is the area of emotional indifference. Apathetic behavior, a lack of caring or trustworthiness, and a dismissive attitude can quickly extinguish any romantic spark.


  1. Finally, the sixth and last red flag revolves around ambition and life prospects. Being unmotivated, lack of ambition, limited financial prospects, and very different moral values can drive love to the rocks.


So there you have it: the six deal breakers in a relationship that most people believe can abruptly end any chance of romance. Now it’s time to analyze what works for you in a relationship and start setting some personal boundaries.


Establishing Your Personal Boundaries

We all have them — the lines we draw in the sand that no one should dare cross. It’s time to recognize our own limits and non-negotiable boundaries, no matter how unpleasant they may be.


1. Be Brutally Honest With Yourself

It’s time for some serious reflection. Take a good look at your past relationships and figure out what made you cringe or was deeply uncomfortable.


What behaviors or characteristics of a partner caused you to run for the hills? Don’t hold back, but be honest with yourself about what you simply can’t tolerate in a relationship.


2. Create a No-Compromise List

Some things are simply non-negotiable, and you should never apologize for them. If you can’t stand someone who is chronically unfaithful or compulsively lies, put them on your no-compromise list.


It’s your life, your heart, and your mind, so set those boundaries and stick to them like glue.


3. Define Your Emotional Comfort Zone

We all have an emotional comfort zone — that point where we feel safe, understood and respected. Take some time to figure out what you need to feel emotionally safe in a relationship.




Maybe you need a partner who communicates openly and doesn’t shy away from difficult conversations. Or maybe you can’t stand it when someone tries to manipulate or control you.


Whatever it is, claim it as your boundary and defend it vehemently.


4. Discover Your Core Values

Your core values are like the foundation of your relationship’s skyscraper. They’re the guiding principles that dictate how you want to live your life and what you expect from your partner.


Whether it’s honesty, loyalty, or ambition, knowing your core values will help you identify deal breakers with laser precision.


5. Don’t Apologize for Your Deal Breakers

Here’s the thing: You may be judged or rejected by others if you disclose your relationship deal breakers. They may tell you to “be more flexible” or “give them a chance.”


But let’s get one thing straight: You’re the only one who breaks your deals, and you owe no one an apology for it. Be true to yourself and stay true to yourself, no matter what anyone else says.


6. You Deserve Better

Never settle for less than you deserve. If someone can’t respect your boundaries or doesn’t abide by your agreements, it’s time to say goodbye.


You deserve a partner who values you and builds you up, not one who gnaws at your self-esteem.


7. Be Willing to Re-evaluate Your Relationship

As you grow and develop, so can your relationship deal breakers. It’s okay to re-evaluate them from time to time and make adjustments as needed.


Remember that flexibility doesn’t mean abandoning your core values, but being open to personal growth and change.


Now you have the tools to determine your personal boundaries and it’s time to accept them. Embrace your boundaries with blunt rigor, and watch yourself build healthier, more fulfilling relationships that respect your values and worth.


It’s in your hands.


Navigating Your Relationship Deal Breakers

When it comes to the treacherous dating scene, dealing with your relationship deal breakers is like wearing armor. It protects you from getting hurt and wasting your precious time.


Let’s talk honestly about how to maneuver the dating scene with your deal breakers in mind.

1. Communicate Early 

There’s no room for games or beating around the bush. If you have a problem, make your potential partners aware of it from the start.


Lay your cards on the table and be clear about what you’ll and won’t tolerate in a relationship. Sure, this might scare some people off, but that’s a good thing!


You want to weed out the incompatible ones, don’t you?




So don’t wait until you’re in the middle of a relationship to say what’s out of the question for you. Early communication sets the tone. Marriage and family therapist Shanet Dennis claims that:

“It’s really about what your needs are. And if you communicate [your needs] early on, you give the other person the option to choose to be a part of that or not.”


It helps you figure out if you’re on the same page. Or whether it’s time to say “thanks, but no thanks.”


2. Red Flags and Warning Signs

According to Dr. Bethany Marshall, author of Deal Breakers: When to Work On a Relationship and When to Walk Away:

“When you’re with that person at the beginning and something strikes you as odd or bizarre, and it sticks with you, it makes you uncomfortable but you can’t really wrap meaning around it.”


That’s your red flag and they are your allies when it comes to protecting you from potential disaster. Pay attention to them because they reveal more about someone than they’ll ever tell you with their words.


Is your partner showing signs of jealousy, possessiveness, or disrespect? Don’t close your eyes and hope that he (or she) will change.


Take these warning signs seriously and ask yourself if you want such a partner in your life. Remember that people show their true colors sooner or later – and it’s better to know that sooner.


3. Trust Your Instincts

You have a built-in compass, your instinct, and it knows what’s best for you. So trust it! If you have a bad feeling, listen to it.


Don’t ignore your gut when it tells you to “run away.” You’re not being picky or difficult; you’re protecting your heart and your well-being.


And for the life of you, don’t settle! It’s a common misconception that being single is worse than being in an unhappy relationship.


But you know what? Being with the wrong person means a lifetime of emotional torment.


Don’t fall for the “better than nothing” trap. You deserve a partner who respects your weaknesses and appreciates you for who you’re.


Finding your way in dating takes courage and self-respect. Be brave, be alert, and above all: stay true to yourself.


Don’t be afraid to name your vulnerabilities, watch for red flags, and trust your instincts. This will save you heartache and pave the way for future relationships that will enrich your life.


Overcoming Deal Breakers in an Existing Relationship

In the realm of relationships, even the smallest annoyance can turn into a major problem if left unattended. Even though some problems are definitely doomed to failure, not every hiccup has to mean the end of a relationship.


Let’s explore some solutions that can help keep the relationship strong and vibrant:


1. Addressing Deal Breakers 

Here’s the deal – you can’t sweep relationship deal breakers under the rug and hope they magically disappear. Pretending they don’t exist is like playing a dangerous game of emotional Jenga.


So be brave and face the music.


Sit down with your partner and have an honest, open conversation about those deal breakers. Explain your concerns and why they are non-negotiable for you.


The goal is to move forward as a couple, not to assign blame or point fingers.




2. Finding the Middle Ground 

Compromise isn’t always the nicest word in the relationship lexicon. But here’s the thing: Sometimes finding common ground is the key to a healthier relationship.


To be clear, compromise doesn’t mean sacrificing your core values or bending to please your partner. It means finding ways to meet each other’s needs without compromising when you can’t agree.


So roll up your sleeves and think about solutions together. Maybe there’s a middle ground that meets both of your needs and values.


But remember that compromise isn’t always possible, and that’s okay.


3. Assessing the Possibility of Growth 

Very well, at this point, brutal honesty is very helpful. Take a good look at your partner and ask yourself if they’re capable of growth and change.


Is he/she able to address the problems that are keeping him/her from succeeding, or are they ingrained habits?


You cannot force change on someone who’s not willing to change. It’s unjust to expect him/her to transform for you because it is not your obligation to try to change them.


So, be honest about what is and isn’t feasible.


If your partner is really willing to work on these issues and make positive changes, that’s great! If not, then this might not be the right person for this relationship.


Overcoming deal breakers in an existing relationship is a bumpy road with no guaranteed results. It requires courage, vulnerability, and a willingness to face some uncomfortable truths.


But remember, it’s about respecting your own needs and values as you navigate the complex waters of love and growth.


So, take a deep breath and face the challenge with your eyes wide open. It’s in your hands.


Time To Move On

Hanging onto a relationship with deal breakers is like holding onto a sinking ship. If that’s something that you’re facing at the moment, then you have tough decisions to make.


I. When a Deal Breaker Is a Deal Breaker

Deal breakers are deal breakers for a reason. You can’t wish them away or pretend they don’t exist.


To recognize deal breakers in a relationship, you have to be brutally honest with yourself and face the truth. You may feel guilty or hesitant, but trust your gut.


If something gnaws at you, goes against your core values, or makes you unhappy, that’s a deal breaker. Don’t dismiss it or try to convince yourself otherwise.


Embrace the truth, because that is the first step to self-liberation.


II. Embracing Discomfort

Now, here’s the point: you have to accept the inconvenience and make the difficult decision. It won’t be easy, and it could hurt like hell.


But if you stay in a relationship that collides with your deal breakers, it’ll hurt even more in the long run.


Although it hurts, ending a relationship with a loved one is a sign of self-respect and self-preservation. It’s about putting your well-being and happiness above temporary comfort.


You deserve better, and sometimes the bravest thing you can do is walk away.


III. Moving Forward

Listen, every relationship, even the failed ones, can be a valuable lesson in disguise. Reflect on your past relationships, especially the ones that didn’t work out.




What patterns have emerged?


Which red flags did you ignore?


What did you compromise that you shouldn’t have?


The fact is that making judgments in the future will be easier if you learn from your past errors. It’ll equip you with the knowledge to spot deal breakers sooner and navigate relationships with newfound wisdom.


Keep in mind that letting go is a show of strength rather than weakness. It’s a bold statement that you don’t want to settle for less than you deserve.


In doing so, you pave the way for a future filled with authentic relationships that move you forward.


Look Toward The Future

In the tumultuous journey of relationships, deal breakers are steadfast guides, steering you away from heartbreak and towards genuine connections.


Recognizing and addressing relationship deal breakers early on is an act of self-preservation. So, don’t hesitate to speak up from the start. Honest communication lays the foundation for relationships built on trust and respect.


But let’s face it: No relationship is without its challenges. In existing relationships, confronting deal breakers requires courage and open communication. While seeking compromise is natural, you must never betray our values or sacrifice your happiness in the process.


In the end, staying true to your relationship deal breakers leads to relationships that enrich your life. You are deserving of love that uplifts and fulfills you, not relationships that drain your soul.

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