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“Success is creating a state of mind that allows you to obtain anything you really desire.”

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Positive emotions are the rocket fuel for your cognitive engine.


Picture them as the brain’s turbochargers, elevating your awareness to new heights, honing your attention to laser-like precision, and etching memories with the permanence of a steel engraving.


But here’s where it gets truly intriguing: positive emotions are not confined to the mind alone.


They serve as your reliable antidote to the detrimental repercussions of negative emotions, such as the unwelcome spikes in heart rate and blood pressure.


Individuals who bask in a daily shower of positive emotion don’t just live life; they thrive.


What Are Positive Emotions?

Psychologist Barbara Frederickson suggests that positive emotions broaden your awareness and encourage a more expansive and thoughtful approach to life. The ten most commonly experienced and researched positive emotions are joy, gratitude, hope, pride,  serenity, interest, amusement, inspiration, awe and love.


They form the vibrant palette with which you paint the canvas of your life.




Frederickson’s groundbreaking “Broaden-and-Build” theory*, reveals the true magic of these positive emotions. They’re not just there to make you feel good; they are resources that can help you deal with difficult emotions and build resilience in the face of adversity.


According to Frederickson, accumulating “micro-moments of positivity” can, over time, result in greater overall well-being. So how do you foster positive emotions?


How do you stay optimistic so that you can keep attracting nice things into your life?


Imagine if you possessed a metaphorical switch, a mystical lever that, when pulled, floods your being with the precise positive emotion you need, exactly when you need it.


This metaphorical switch, known as an anchor in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)**, is your secret passage to a world where you can summon the very emotions that empower and uplift you at the snap of your fingers.

* The Broaden-and-Build theory in positive psychology suggests that positive emotions (such as happiness, and perhaps interest and anticipation) broaden one’s awareness and encourage novel, exploratory thoughts and actions. Over time, this broadened behavioral repertoire builds useful skills and psychological resources. (Source: Wikipedia)

The Mystical Power of Anchoring

Picture this: a warm summer’s day, the sun casting a gentle, golden glow over a backyard barbecue. The sizzle of burgers on the grill, the laughter of your family in the background, and that unmistakable aroma filling the air.


It’s a memory so vivid that you can practically taste the nostalgia. That’s the power of anchoring, a technique hailing from the intriguing realm of NLP.


Now, let’s break it down. Inside your mind, there’s a bustling theater of emotions, memories, and experiences. This bustling theater is your internal world. The backyard barbecue, on the other hand, is an external event.




Anchoring bridges the gap between these two worlds, turning an ordinary event into an extraordinary emotional experience. Anchors are the secret keys to unlocking your emotional treasure chest.


They come in the form of your five senses: sight, touch, smell, taste, and sound. These sensory gateways not only let you perceive the world but also serve as the keepers of your most precious emotional memories.


That’s right, the brain regions responsible for processing your senses are also the ones guarding your most cherished memories.


Think about it. Have you ever found yourself transported back in time by the melody of a particular song on the radio? Suddenly, you’re not just listening; you’re reliving moments and feeling the emotions of days gone by.


That is the magic of anchoring


In simpler terms, anchoring is the art of connecting an external stimulus with an internal experience. It’s like forging a bridge between your outer world and your inner sanctuary, all to conjure up the mental state you desire.


So, the next time you want to feel that surge of positivity, remember the power of anchoring and let your senses guide you to a world of limitless emotions waiting to be unleashed.

** NLP is a psychological technique for influencing your brain’s (Neuro) processing of the words you use (Linguistic) and how that impacts your past, present, and future (Programming).

Pavlov’s Bell & The Birth of Anchoring

You are naturally curious as a child. If you’ve held onto that innate curiosity of yours, then get ready to discover how anchors might elicit positive emotions.


But to truly grasp what anchors are all about, let’s take a leap back in time to the 1890s and immerse ourselves in the world of Ivan Pavlov. You see, he wasn’t your typical scientist; he became quite famous for his groundbreaking studies on digestion. 


Now, you might be scratching your head and wondering:

“What does digestion have to do with anchors?”


Well, it’s a bit of an unexpected turn, but Pavlov’s quest to understand digestion led him to stumble upon something big—the theory of classical conditioning.


Here’s the kicker: An anchor is an external stimulus that has the power to trigger an internal response. In Pavlov’s iconic experiment, he stumbled upon this concept when he noticed something extraordinary.


Whenever his experimental dog caught a glimpse of food, it would inevitably start salivating. The food acted as an external stimulus, provoking a distinct response in the dog: salivation.




But Pavlov didn’t stop there; he decided to introduce a new element into the mix. Every time he presented the dog with food, he rang a bell.


Over time, after numerous repetitions of this routine, something remarkable happened. The dog began to salivate not only when it saw food but also when it heard the bell, even when no food was in sight.


That bell became an anchor, a potent symbol that could conjure the response of salivation within the dog. In essence, the dog had been conditioned to associate the ringing of the bell with the impending pleasure of a meal.


So, in a nutshell:

The bell ringing (stimulus A) came before the feeding (stimulus B), causing the dog to salivate (response). Surprisingly, without stimulus B (the food), stimulus A (the bell’s ring) could still evoke the very same reaction (the dog salivating).




How Anchors Evoke Positive Emotions

Every single day, a myriad of emotions is embedded in your subconscious mind. It’s a silent symphony, composed of the information your senses tirelessly gather from the outside world, complete with the vivid hues of accompanying emotions.


Let me now tell you something that will really catch your attention. The anchors are like the keys that open this complex emotion inside of you, allowing you to create a magnificent display of positive emotions.


When you harness these emotions, you find yourself in a state of being that we aptly call ‘resourceful.’ In this mental arena, you’re brimming with confidence, radiating energy, and dancing with boundless productivity.


A mere clench of your fist, a gentle touch of your earlobes, or the soothing embrace of a familiar tune has the power to immerse you in a world of empowerment, serenity, and unshakable confidence.  




In essence, you have the amazing capacity to choose carefully from a wealth of positive feelings and raise your life to extraordinary heights.


Are you prepared to start this process of anchoring now?


Will you embrace this technique to swiftly access the resources, feelings, and states that will flood your world with the positive emotions you crave and deserve?


5 Quick Steps To A Positive Emotion

In just five swift and effortless steps, you’re about to unlock the ability to instantly summon and activate positive emotions.


This technique isn’t merely a glimpse into a better state of mind; it’s your very own switch, a gateway to connecting with positive emotions at your beck and call.


The best part? It’s a ten-minute investment that can change the way you experience life.


Step 1: Choose Your Positive Emotion

Begin your journey by selecting a positive emotion to work with. Let’s take joy, for instance.


To make this technique truly effective, it’s vital to focus on the positive and steer clear of the negative. Opt for happiness over not being sad, and rather than saying, “I don’t want to feel demotivated,” declare, “I want to be inspired.”


Remember, the words you choose wield the power to determine the success of this method.


Step 2: Revisit a Joyful Memory

Close your eyes and delve into your memories. Summon a moment when you felt unbridled joy. Immerse yourself in this recollection, invoking as many senses as you can.


What can you see and hear during this blissful time? Make it vivid; make it real.


Step 3: Establish Your Unique Anchor

Now, to create your “switch,” choose a distinctive hand gesture.


It could be as simple as lightly squeezing your left earlobe or gently connecting your thumb and forefinger, ensuring it’s not a habitual action you often perform.


Step 4: Relive the Joy

Dive deep into that memory, reliving it as if you’ve been transported back in time. Recall the sights, sounds, and sensations you experienced during that joyful moment.


When you feel that same joy swelling within you, it’s time to “install” the switch. If you’ve opted for the thumb-forefinger link as your anchor, perform the gesture now.


As the joy intensifies, press those two fingers together tightly and release them when the feeling begins to wane.




Step 5: Put Your Anchor to the Test

Now, let’s put your anchor to the test. First, stand up and stretch your body a bit to break the current state.


Then, perform your chosen anchor gesture—link your thumb and forefinger together, pressing them just as you did earlier. If you find yourself bathed in the same joyful emotion as before, congratulations—you’ve successfully installed and triggered your anchor.


Keys To Effective Anchoring

Congratulations! You’ve just ventured into the realm of reliving joyful moments, anchoring those feelings, and successfully firing up that anchor.


There are some important details to keep in mind to ensure that your anchors perform their magic flawlessly.




1. Intensity Rules

Remember this: intensity is your ally. When you’re crafting an anchor, immerse yourself in a robust and intense state of mind. 


The stronger the emotion or state you associate with your anchor, the more potent its effects become during the anchoring process. Think of it as the fuel that propels your anchor into action.


2. Timing is Everything

In Step 4 of our adventure, install your anchor at the zenith of your experience. It’s akin to catching lightning in a bottle; the timing must be impeccable.


Sometimes, you might need to revisit the process a few times to ensure your anchor is firmly linked to the peak of your experience.


And, as the sands of time flow, consider revisiting the exercise occasionally to ensure your anchor’s potency remains undiminished.


3. The Unmistakable Trigger

When selecting your anchor, choose a trigger (or switch) that is unmistakably unique. This isn’t about accidentally setting off your anchor with everyday gestures like a casual “thumbs up” or an “OK” sign.


Your anchor should stand out, ensuring it remains a dedicated catalyst for your chosen emotion.


4. Isolate Your Emotions

Here’s a critical piece: when plucking a memory from your past to anchor, opt for one where you weren’t simultaneously engulfed in another emotion.


If you’re creating a confidence anchor, pick a moment when you were in the pure embrace of confidence, untainted by any other feeling.


5. Precision Matters

Precision is your ally in this endeavor. Be certain that you can replicate the chosen stimulus with pinpoint accuracy. Whether it’s pressing your thumb and index finger together or any other gesture, the key is consistency.


Each time you activate your anchor, it must be in the same place, at the same speed, with the same duration, and with the same pressure. Precision ensures the flawless execution of your anchor, time and time again.


The Anchors In Your Daily Life

Inside each of us, a treasure trove of anchors awaits, whether we’re conscious of them or not. These anchors, woven into the fabric of our daily existence, manifest as physiological, emotional, or behavioral responses, often triggered automatically.


Consider this: the crimson glow of a traffic light. Whether you’re behind the wheel or strolling down the sidewalk, the instant that light turns red, your instinct is to halt.


When it transforms into a vibrant shade of green, you instinctively propel forward. It’s the classic example of a conditioned response, etched into your very being.




But anchoring is more than just about traffic lights and routines. Take fragrance, for instance; it’s a subtle but powerful anchor.


Picture the scent of pine, with its evocative aroma; it has this magical ability to transport you back to those cozy holiday moments, decorating Christmas trees, reuniting with loved ones, and weaving unforgettable memories together.


And there’s another fascinating aspect to anchoring: the dance of reciprocity. A warm smile offered is returned with one equally radiant. These are conditioned responses, the subtle dance of human connection, an unspoken language of shared emotions.


These anchors, both profound and subtle, shape your experiences and influence how you see the world. They are the silent conductors of your emotional symphony, waiting to be harnessed, understood, and utilized to craft a life brimming with rich, meaningful moments.


Positive Emotions: The Key to a Thriving Life

Positive emotions are more than fleeting moments of pleasure; they are your guiding star on the path to emotional well-being. Imagine having the ability to summon these emotions at will, especially when life’s burdens weigh heavily on your shoulders.


Their influence goes much beyond mere emotions, though. They also strengthen your body’s defense mechanisms, enhance cardiovascular health, and sharpen your mind.


Following in the footsteps of Fredrickson’s “broaden and build” hypothesis, positive emotions expand the horizons of your perception. It helps you to unlock a world of possibilities and enrich your inner resources.


The important question that arises now is: How can you amplify the melody of good feelings inside of you?


Consider the art of anchoring as a potential answer, a pathway to enriching your thoughts with positivity. When you fill your being with positive emotions, you emit vibrations of positivity into the universe.


As you journey forward, remember that igniting positive emotions isn’t just an internal shift; it’s a dance with the cosmos, a harmonious exchange with the world around you.


So, anchor your positivity, let it radiate, and watch as the universe responds in kind.

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