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“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”

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Do you constantly think about how to get your life together? Especially when life seems to be knocking you down, throwing you off course, and leaving you in a mess.


Chaos can come in many shapes and forms.


Relationship conflicts. Financial woes. Work-related stress.  


Things and events seem to be putting your life in disarray and nothing seems to be working in your favor. It’s common to feel absolutely powerless.


What do you do to get your life in order when things are spiraling out of control?

If you have these questions running in your head, I applaud you for three reasons. First, you are fully aware that your life is in the doldrums. Second, you’re willing to put your best foot forward to confront your situation.


Lastly, you can seek comfort in the irrefutable fact that life will throw you curveballs from time to time anyway.


Strategies On How To Get Your Life Together

Is there ever a perfect solution to how to get your life together? Well, there isn’t just one tried-and-true method.


In fact, there are plenty of options. But the one proven solution that answers the ‘how to get your life together’ question is:

Uplifting your mind.


The reality that you are experiencing right now is a result of your thoughts. Thinking the right thoughts are so potent that they have the potential to make your dreams come true.




Napoleon Hill who authored the classic ‘Think and Grow Rich during the Great Depression in 1937 wrote:

“You are the master of your destiny. You can direct, influence and control your own environment and make life what you want it to be.”


So, here it is. A five-step approach to help you get your life together. These five steps are based on the notion that you must uplift your mind in order to organize your life.


How To Get Your Life Together In 5 Easy Steps

1) Re-Program Your Mind

One of the fastest ways to get back on track is with binaural beat audio and a pair of headphones. These beats integrate the two sides of your brain to allow them to work in harmony.


All your bodily functions (including respiration, heart rate, emotion, memory, and learning) are controlled by the brain. You’ll reach peak mental states when both hemispheres of your brain are in synchrony and in harmony with one another.


According to Hemi Sync (short for hemispheric synchronization), home to the largest online collection of binaural beat audio:

“A sound played in the left ear is heard as a single tone. A sound played in the right ear is also heard as a single tone. When played together, the vibrato perceived is called binaural beating.”


Get your life together by using binaural beats to clear your mind, increase your confidence, and boost your mood. Just like meditation, binaural beats induce a mental state that can raise your performance levels.


When you are in a meditative state, your brain is in synchrony and, hence, more focused. Binaural beats produce a similar effect, but at a much faster rate.


So, how to get your life together using Hemi Sync audio? Each audio recording is made up of carefully chosen sound components that correspond to specific Hemi-Sync sound frequencies.




The fusion of audio effects with voice instructions and music will enhance your mental, physical, and emotional states. This combination will help you achieve a state of deep inner peace and remain centered.



Hemi-Sync has been shown to be a highly effective, secure, and time-tested technology with millions of products sold globally. Hemi-Sync tracks are very safe. But if you have a history of seizures or auditory disorders, do consult your doctor first.


Hemi-Sync has over 300 audios covering topics including stress relief, self-improvement, and wellness. You will definitely find one that resonates with you. But before you get your Hemi-Sync audios, make sure to first try out the free samples on their website.


2) Change Your Inner Dialog

Another answer to your “how to get your life together” question lies in your internal dialog. This is that little voice in your head.


Your internal dialog is the thoughts inside your head. This dialog runs almost all the time, consciously or unconsciously. It’s as if you are always communicating to yourself, whether you realize it or not.


If you’ve not been paying much attention to your internal dialog, then you must be aware that:

Your brain is altered by your inner dialog and it continuously alters how you perceive the world. If your inner dialog is positive in nature, you’ll have better control of your mood, stress, and decisions.


What if the bulk of your internal dialogue is negative? According to John H. Krystal, a professor at Yale School of Medicine, ongoing negative internal dialog weakens several brain systems.


When your internal dialog is predominantly negative, it greatly increases your susceptibility to stress. It may also manifest itself into emotions like fear, which will leave you feeling utterly mentally worn out.


However, once you realize that your inner dialogue has the power to make or break you, you can alter it. Consciously altering your thoughts is one approach to achieving this.


Small changes to your language can have a big impact. One way is by purging your vocabulary of all negative self-talk. From now on, use only positive words and think only pleasant thoughts.




If your negative inner dialogue becomes too overbearing, you can use subliminal audio to give you a boost. What easier way to get your life together than to simply listen to some subliminal audio?


These audios accelerate change because subliminal audios deliver information directly to your unconscious mind. As you listen to them, these subliminal messages are frequently repeated, which causes change to happen naturally from within.


3) Get Rid Of Distractions

Want to know how to get your life together? Just get rid of distractions from your life.


Of course, this is easier said than done. We are living in a digital world where everything seems to demand our attention. Emails, social media, and digital devices are all competing to pull us away from our task at hand.


Two glaring statistics highlight how serious distractions are in our lives today:

    1. The average person working in front of their computer gets sidetracked every 40 seconds.
    2. It takes about 23 minutes and 15 seconds to recover from an interrupted task.


Consider how much time is lost if you check your phone every 12 minutes. And then another 23 minutes to get your focus back.


Why are we so easily distracted? Blame it on the human brain’s attentional system. We have an innate desire to react to anything enjoyable, dangerous, or novel.




Embedded in our brains is what researchers call a “novelty bias.” Whenever we concentrate on something unfamiliar, our brain releases large amounts of the feel-good chemical dopamine.


Hence, one of the major roadblocks to accomplishing anything in life is distractions. This simply means that you can control your life when you can manage your distractions.


When you are working on a screen, distractions are just a click away. So, it might be a struggle to control distractions. But then again, there’s no shame in using focus apps like Freedom or Rescue Time to assist you.


These “focus apps” can help you increase productivity by blocking out distractions. They improve your concentration and focus by:

    • blocking access to social media and distracting websites.
    • helping you complete a single task at a time.
    • recording the time spent on each task.
    • assisting you in managing your time.


What Matters Most

Philosopher and psychologist William James once wrote a simple yet profound statement:

“My experience is what I agree to attend to.”


Your success depends heavily on your capacity to attend to what matters most in your life. Therefore, you must choose where to direct your attention at any given moment.


Your life’s objectives and goals should serve as the foundation for your priorities.


4) Commit to Lifelong Learning

People who have successfully put their lives together are committed to lifelong learning. Malcolm Forbes, chairman and editor in chief of Forbes magazine, once said:

“Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.”


Learning is a lifelong process. Your commitment to lifelong learning must begin with a curious mind. A curious mind is always seeking new information, new knowledge, and new challenges.


When you adopt this mindset, you have an unlimited desire to advance your knowledge and abilities.


Your commitment to lifelong learning will enhance who you are and what you have to offer the world. Furthermore, you’ll start to notice that your perspective on the world is broadening.


And once you have decided to improve your life through lifelong learning, commit to spending time on it every day. Making a decision to learn something is one thing; having conviction is quite another.


So, soak up knowledge from whatever source that appeals to you. Listen to podcasts, audiobooks, or Ted Talks. Enroll yourself in online courses and masterclasses.




Develop a passion for reading. You will find that reading is not only fun; it also stimulates your brain and cognitive functions. Ask any high-achieving individual and you can be sure that they are avid readers.


To get the most out of your reading, choose books that challenge your thinking.


5) Raise Your Consciousness

Raising your consciousness can uplift your mind and help you to get your life together. While many people link raising consciousness to spiritual development, there are no spiritual connotations in the dictionary definition of consciousness:

“The state of being aware of and responsive to one’s surroundings.”


Being conscious is a state of alertness towards one’s own environment. Someone who is highly conscious is not easily perturbed and distracted.


When you raise your consciousness, you’ll find yourself becoming more focused, able to concentrate better, and having a clearer mind. Additionally, it boosts your self-confidence and level of competence.


One way to raise consciousness is by practicing the art of being here and now. Instead of being sidetracked by thoughts about the past or the future, focus entirely on the present moment.


Being in the present keeps you aware of both your surroundings and yourself. It gives you more control over your life. 




Instead of getting distracted by thoughts of what lies ahead or what has already happened, you keep your attention on what is happening right now.


Another method of raising your consciousness is through mindfulness meditation. It enables you to concentrate your attention and maintain present-moment awareness.


You can experience mindfulness meditation by sitting in a cozy chair and just focusing on your breathing. Pay attention to your thoughts, but don’t engage with them, and avoid making any judgments about them.


When your consciousness is raised, you feel a sense of inner peace and are unfazed by external circumstances. You can equate this to a feeling of bliss because you already have all you need.


And don’t feel like anything is missing from your life.



Learning how to get your life together must become an ongoing, lifetime activity because life is ever-evolving and changing. Start by uplifting your mind with these five steps to get the ball rolling.


My life has improved as a result of these steps. It saved me from the numerous times in my life where I was spiraling out of control.


Just keep in mind that it is never too late to begin changing your life for the better. By working on yourself constantly, and by accepting responsibility for everything in your life, you can begin to alter your circumstances.

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