Real time therapy and counselling on the go

Like e-mail therapy, chat therapy is discreet and you can communicate with me without fear of embarrassment or retaliation. The concise and impersonal nature of communication via text messaging allows you to engage in a direct conversation with me. Thus, you can communicate with me in real time which is akin to a face to face counselling session with me in the therapy room.


Although texting cannot simulate the full process of therapy, it provides personalized counselling advice concerning specific issues relating to mental health and personal wellbeing. However, texting creates a journaling effect by allowing you to scroll back and reread conversations. It also allows me to refresh my memory about your case before responding.


The other distinct benefit of chat therapy is the convenience of communicating on the go. Chat therapy has eliminated the struggle and hassle to find time for a 50-minute appointment once a week.

Chat Therapy provides immediate assistance where help is not close by or when in-person visits are not possible. However, it is not a complete substitute for face-to-face sessions. It may not need everyone’s needs and it may not be an effective means for cases where physical human contact may be needed to intervene. 
For anyone who is, or has been, suicidal, or who has severe mental health difficulties – please seek the assistance of mental health professionals around you. 

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