What Makes Men More Attractive to Women

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When you meet someone for the first time, your mind will pick up non-verbal signals almost immediately. The person you are meeting will do the same. Most of potential romantic partnerships are assessed in these “get-to-know-you” conversations.   Dispositional Mindfulness


The Trait Women Find Most Appealing

All men are drawn by a woman’s physical attractiveness. This is a common and inherent trait in all men. In fact, evolutionary science have taught us that a woman’s physical appeal is an indication of fertility. It equates to an ideal choice for procreation and the reproduction of healthy genes. 


Women’s selection criteria on male attractiveness, however, is less definitive. Researchers from two Australian universities discovered an attribute women look for in men. This attribute is powerfully seductive. Even more so than physical attractiveness.


45 male and female undergraduates participated in a 3-minute speed-dating styled conversation. From the experiment, researchers concluded that the trait women find most appealing in men is dispositional mindfulness”.


Dispositional Mindfulness

Dispositional mindfulness means having a nonjudgmental awareness and attention towards your thoughts and feelings in the present moment. In terms of interpersonal communication, it means you are able to:

  1. pay undivided attention,
  2. take a nonjudgmental view
  3. deal with emotions and stress.


For a woman, dispositional mindfulness means having a kind of attentiveness which can ease the burden of childbearing. In the perspective of evolutionary science, it also guarantees the survival of their offspring.


Harvard psychologists Leslie Burpee and Ellen Langer, in their study “Mindfulness and Marital Satisfaction,” found that dispositional mindfulness resulted in very satisfying romantic relationships. Dispositional mindfulness enhances relationships because or your ability to appreciate and embrace differences.



How to Attain Dispositional Mindfulness

Your dispositional mindfulness index will not be very high if you habitually evaluate the potential of a romantic partnership while engaging in a conversation. 


Fortunately, dispositional mindfulness are not cast in stone. All you need to cultivate dispositional mindfulness is a conscious effort and a deliberate shift in mindset. To get into a state of mindfulness, take up the practice of meditation. Meditation will help you to focus on the present, become an attentive listener and have a keen awareness of emotions.


Another way to tap into the power of dispositional mindfulness is getting into a state of flow. In a flow state, you alertness level spikes and you can effortlessly flow into the conversation. Precisely what women find most attractive in a man. 


And, in case you are curious as to what was the outcome of the research on men’s criteria for potential female partner, the result is a foregone conclusion. Men still ranked physical attractiveness as women’s most appealing quality.

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