10 Essential Tips On Women That Every Man Should Know

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Countless men have been driven crazy trying to figure out women. Often looked upon as some kind of enigma, these are the 10 essential tips on women that every man should know about.  I for one love the subject of women and neuroscience and for the men out there who, like me, wants to get scientific end of things, try Louann Brizendine’s The Female Brain.



An Instant Guide to a Woman’s Mindset essential tips

1.  When communicating with women, the keyword to use is “feel”. Women’s language go beyond words. They are more in touch with their feelings compared to men as women tend to have a larger deep limbic system – the area in the brain responsible for expressing emotions.Be a good listener and always encourage her to feelings, thoughts and emotions with you. Make it safe and comfortable for her to let you lead the relationship. Your ability to do this will be the key to a happy and fulfilling relationship. essential tips


2.  In relations to #1 above, it’s a safer bet to judge them by their actions and facial expression rather than words. If you are dating her for the first time and you suggested Italian for dinner look for telltale signs of social compliance in her facial expression. She might not really like Italian food but agreeing to it just going along with you.


3.  Most women like (pleasant) surprises. Sometimes providing surprises sporadically keeps the relationship exciting and also puts you on top of the food chain and an edge against your competitors. They like a man who is creative enough to be full of (pleasant) surprises. Please pay special attention to the word “pleasant”.

 essential tips

4.  Be impeccable and meticulous especially when it comes to details. While men usually focus on the big picture, most women are into details due to the different way that orbitofrontal cortex gets activated. This is the region of the brain involved in decision making. essential tips  

Going beyond the way our brains are wired, women’s knack for details are a display of concern for a person or situation. Women judge men by looking at their shoes and nails. Some men don’t bother to trim their nails neatly.

Unless you need those nails to practice some Shaolin Eagle Claw Fist or paint them black to be in a rock band, get them trimmed to look decent. For the clueless, random little gestures like opening doors and helping to hang her jacket goes a longer way than an expensive car or a massive bank account. Unless you plan to date gold diggers.


5.  Women can be very critical about themselves especially on the minor physical flaws or imperfections. These are moment where they need positive validations. Learn how to lavish them with praises and compliments. Do not overdo it otherwise it might lose its appeal.


6.  Women seek real men. The kind that can be decisive and to make decisions. You need to take the lead and make decisions when you are with her. Being sure of yourself is a trait women look for in a man. Regardless of the consequences of the decisions you make when you are with her, be confident. If you are confident, you can get away with almost anything. ‘nuff said. essential tips

 essential tips

7.  In line with #6 above, two things to avoid at all costs is to put her down or to put her on a pedestal. Having confidence doesn’t mean you have to see her as inferior to you. Nor must you treat a very attractive girl as if she is some goddess sent from heaven. Women expect you to be a bit above them and to be able to lead her in the right direction.


8.  Show appreciation. Women like to be appreciated and to know that what they have done for you mattered. So, hugs and kisses and words of appreciation means a lot to a women. Get into the habit of using them.


9.  This is a BIG essential tip for you. Women wants to be heard. She’s had a hard day at work and she telling you all about it. NEVER, EVER give her advice unless she ask for it. She just want acknowledgement, affirmation, response and validation. Full stop. It may be hard for some guys to fathom because it’s hardwired into the male brain as problem solvers. Just LISTEN. Give eye contact. Nod. Shut up. Repeat the 4-step process.


10.  Communication is a two way street. Speak from your heart. Show warmth and emotions. Learn emotional flexibility. Leave the deadpanned Bill Murray face at the office or when jesting with your friends. Women appreciates a man who can show his sensitive side and able to laugh and cry with her.

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