Two Monks and a Woman

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After reading Yolanda’s comments about an ex who still lingers in her memory after he had left her about a year ago, I decide to post this story for her: two monks and a woman

two monks and a woman

A senior monk and a junior monk were travelling together. Towards midday, they came to a river. As they are about to cross the river, they spotted a young, beautiful woman. When the woman asked the monks for help to cross the river, the senior monk obliged and carried her across on his shoulder.  He set her down on the opposite bank and carried on his journey with the junior monk without saying a word. The junior monk seemed upset and perturbed by the whole incident.


After a long walk, the senior monk noticed that the junior monk was particularly quiet and asked, “You seemed upset. Is something bothering you?”


The junior monk replied, “We monks had taken a vow of celibacy and are not permitted to have any contact with a woman and especially not the physical kind.  How could you carry her on your shoulders?”

two monks and a woman

“Hmm, I have left her on the riverbank hours ago, yet you are still carrying her in your mind.” replied the senior monk.


In retrospect, Yolanda, you can choose the path of the senior monk, who had embrace the situation of the moment and continue to live in the present after leaving the woman on the river bank. Or you could be like the junior monk who is still carrying the baggage of the past.


The choice is yours. This is your life. If you put down the baggage, you may move ahead faster and there may be many wonderful things ahead in your life and they are expecting you. Are you ready to embrace the moment and live life to the fullest?

two monks and a woman

The choice, ultimately, is still yours…


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