Are You Re-Living Groundhog Day?

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If you woke up today feeling like it was yesterday and you woke up yesterday feeling like it was the day before yesterday, chances are you are re-living Groundhog Day  . . .


Phil: What would you do if you were stuck in one place and every day was exactly the same, and nothing that you did mattered?
Ralph: That about sums it up for me.


This quote was from the 1993 Bill Murray movie, Groundhog Day. Murray plays the role of arrogant weatherman Phil Connors who reluctantly go to Punxsutawney, Philadelphia to cover the annually celebrated Groundhog Day. An unforeseeable blizzard forced Phil to stay the night. What he did not anticipate was waking up the next morning to re-live Groundhog Day over and over and over again.


According to Wikipedia, the popularity of the movie rendered the phrase “Groundhog Day” as a common reference to a continually occurring unpleasant situation.



Re-living Groundhog Day

I wonder if you ever get this feeling I get from time to time – that you are re-living the same day over and over and over again. There are times that my life take a strange turn in that direction.


Well, to echo Ralph’s sentiment, there are days when it about “sums it up for me” too. All of us at one point or another, will have our Groundhog Day moments.


Ever been in a work situation that you don’t like but the situation kept repeating itself? You hate it but you seem to be stuck. Feel trapped in a mundane repetitive job situation? Check. Want to pack your bags and go live and work someplace else but can’t seem to move elsewhere? Want to put an end to a relationship but don’t know how (or can’t)? Check. 


I have pondered these questions at each phase in my life. In a metaphorical sense, it seem like we are a game pieces in a computer game. Inside the game, we are required to pass certain “tests” to progress to the next level. And we have stay at the same level repeating the same play sequences over and over again until we do.


On the bigger scheme of things, life and death seemed that way too. We are trapped in this body, on this planet and in this dimension until we pass certain “tests”. In death, we progress to another dimension or a higher level. The Chinese used the word “guoshen” to describe death which in literal sense means “passing of the body” or that the soul had moved on to another form or entity.



Neural Pathways

I have had clients who repeatedly face similar work situations no matter how many time they job hopped. Strange as it may seem, each work situation consist of the same troubling elements. The “office line-up” includes bitchy co-workers, boss from hell, apple polisher and the backstabber. 


Does this vicious repetitive loop exist in the subconscious mind?


Your subconscious mind is nothing but a series of neural pathways formed by past conditioning and beliefs. The subconscious mind does not discriminate between right-wrong or good-bad. Everything you consciously feed it, it accepts and thus a strong neural pathway is created.



Everything is Created Twice

Your life event begins as a mental creation before its manifestation in physical form. If you are re-living your version of Groundhog Day, it can only mean you brain is still running on the old neural pathway which constantly reinforces your current reality. Sound familiar?


Everything that is manifested in your life begins at mental level before becoming a reality. To change your reality, you must begin by breaking the old habit patterns that you no longer need or want.


Dissociate. Disengage. Disconnect from old unwanted habit patterns.


Easier said than done. Because the neural pathway is so used to the old negative pattern, it will go into a withdrawal mode. Think abstinence from your favorite food or the absence of nicotine in a smoker trying to quit smoking.


Try telling your subconscious a different story and see the loop eventually get replaced by a whole new and different experience.

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