What is the True Meaning of Wealth?

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The word wealth is derived from the old English word “weal”, which meant “well-being” or “welfare“. Wealth exists in many forms. The most common of which is economic abundance. In the everyday sense, it is usually referred to as money. I would like to use the word prosperity because money and wealth in its truest sense must ultimately translate into prosperity. But what really is the true meaning of wealth?


Wealth Is A Mind Game

In order to grasp the concept of prosperity, you must first accept that prosperity is first and foremost a mind game. It is a consciousness, a set of invisible beliefs that you carry with you. Like self-image, this set of beliefs may have been implanted in you from a very early age. In Real Magic: Creating Miracles in Everyday Life, Dr. Wayne Dyer shares a beautiful illustration of this concept:


A downtrodden and ragged man approached the boss of a construction company and said, “I need work.”


“Fine, take that large boulder over there and roll it up and down the hill. If you need work, that will fulfill your need” the boss replied. The man said, “You don’t understand, what I really need is money.”


The boss replied, “Ahh, if it is money that you need, here’s fifty bucks. But you can’t spend it.” The man is now in a very perplexed state. “What I really need is food and clothing, not just money.”


“If this is what you really need, spend the money on food and clothing but don’t eat the food and don’t wear the clothing.”


The man finally saw what he really needed, security, peace and inner satisfaction. In actual fact, what the man needed is already in his possession. All he needed to do was ‘go within’ and create it in his mind.



The True Meaning of Wealth

A person trained in prosperity consciousness will exercise caution on his thoughts of prosperity. The mind moves in the direction of its most dominant thoughts. Once you develop this inner belief and use it to manifest the desires of your physical reality, then you will be able to enjoy wealth in its true sense.


Imagine if we can move away from a mental state of scarcity where thoughts are all about lack.


“I don’t have enough money”


“There is not enough to go around”


“Grab it before someone else does”


When you operate from this state of mind, you will NEVER experience real prosperity. YOU make the choices. Just because all those around you choose to be in competition with each other does not mean you have to conform to that behavior.


The True Meaning of Wealth: Expecting Abundance

Money is dependent upon your attitude towards it. Treat it like a master and it will exercise dominance over you. Treat it like a servant and it will serve you well. You must constantly remind yourself of the relationship between your thoughts and money.


Expect abundance everyday. Whether its health, wealth, economic well being, relationships or spirituality, it is all within you. You just need to put your mind to it. The true meaning of wealth is simply what you associate money with. 

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