The Mind and The Ego

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Your enemy lives within you. It is called the ego and it wants to be in control all the time. Ego seeks attachment and its needs are endless. It seeks approval and recognition. Ego makes you strive for power, recognition, success, material gains just to feel better about yourself. To feel complete. the mind and the ego

 The Mind and The Ego

In actual fact, you will never feel complete. Not as long as your ego is the boss. You will feel complete in sporadic instances – when you have gained some form of social status, wealth or fame. That is the embodiment of ego and of fear.


To be present is to free your mind from your ego. The essence of it all is, in the words of Eckhart Tolle’s bestselling The Power of Now, “be so utterly, so completely present that no problem, no suffering, nothing that is not who you are in your essence, can survive in you.”

the mind and the ego

Watch yourself. Watch your thoughts and emotions. This is one of the techniques of breathing taught in Hatha Yoga whereby you observe your breathing. It is likened to an ‘out of body’ experience whereby you stepped out of your body and just become an observer. You will find through your observations that you will be able to draw more energy out from your mind. And that creates presence. You will judge less. React less. Emotional reactions like justifying and lying blame will lessen – even to the point of total elimination.

 The Mind and The Ego

Interestingly enough, you will discover more about you. Your thoughts. Your actions, And who you really are. Then, you will be able to align your life better.

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