What Matters Most – The Power of Connecting to Your Inner Being

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What are you passionate about? Do you have something that drives your life or have you been driven by life and taken for a ride? What matters most to you?


DO you stand for something? What are your life’s priorities?


How do you define your own uniqueness? What are the gifts and talents that you possess? How can you use your gifts to enhance your life and contribute to your fellow humans?


We get so depleted most of the time to have a moment to think of these questions. Yet these questions do come, oftentimes too late. They come as a trigger, often pulled by the hands of fate on your personal life. Death in the family. Divorce. Downsized.


There are lot of talks and discussions on financial freedom in recent years. Retire young retire rich. How much is enough? Is money the shortest route to freedom? How do you define your financial freedom? A million in the bank? 5 million? What about 20?


By the way, the word ‘retire’ according to the definition in Webster’s Dictionary is

  1.  Withdraw to a secluded place.
  2.  To give up one’s work.
  3.  The act of moving back or to retreat.
  4.  To go to bed.


What Matters Most

Is that what you want? Most people do see retirement as giving up one’s vocation. But then again, if you are engage in a work of passion, then your labor of love will not be considered as work or a task but rather something that you will genuinely enjoy doing. Turn your vocation into a vacation. Forever. Would the word ‘retire’ become redundant then?


You’ll be surprised how embracing your dreams can be an ecstatically liberating experience. At the moment of your decision to embrace your dreams and the essence of your being, the universe moves with you. what matters most


Eventually, your renewed outlook of life and an instilled sense of purpose will make way for a new spending habit and the discovery that you actually have sufficient to live on. And thrive upon.

Connect to Your Inner Being

If you can connect to your inner being – without the influence of your peers, parents or the media – you will be able to unleash from deep within, a person of caliber, productivity and creativity that you have never dreamed possible.


What are the governing values that will move your life, unerring, unperturbed in the face of violent storm and worldly turmoil?


Align your values, your life’s mission, your passion and core beliefs and you will have a fulfilled life of living your dreams and thriving without struggle. You will be able to enter a ‘flow state’ where you are fully absorbed in activity during which you lose sense of time and have feelings of great satisfaction.


This notion of is the brainchild of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, a professor and former chairman of the Department of Psychology at the University of Chicago who has devoted his life’s work to the study of what makes people truly happy, satisfied and fulfilled.   To enter the ‘flow’ state, all you need is just BE. Be in the moment. Let the next moment sort itself out.


Let the past be a learning lesson. Do not dwell on it.

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