Know Thyself and Find Your True Purpose in Life

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I suppose at one point in our lifetime we will pondered upon the question of “who am I?” At different stages of my life, I have pondered upon this question. And each time, coincidentally, a major shift takes place in my life. The answer lies in the Ancient Greek aphorism “know thyself”.



What You Are Not

A few fundamental points I have noted:   You are not what you drive. A lot of people suffer from “my-car-must-be-bigger-than-yours-it is”   Neither are you what you wear. Credit cards have made it easier for people out there to ‘buy something they don’t need, to impress someone they don’t know, with the money they have not yet earn’.   Or what your job designation says you are.   This question will find an easier answer if you try to contemplate on what you will want to do with your life if you have all the money in the world (or free of financial burdens).


I often do this exercise during the icebreaker session in my workshops and often garnered very interesting answers.   “Start a business”, “buy a sports car”, “Get a huge bungalow”, are among the interesting but conventional answers I would get. The common denominator here is – these are all connected to material gains. Once one can look beyond these, the truth will emerge and you will stare at the real YOU.


No more “keeping up with the Joneses” syndrome. It is what your inner world represents. It is who YOU can become. What your true infinite purpose in life is. On this Earth.



Know thyself – getting away from the act

The rest is just an act. These are from the long years of social conditioning and peer pressure. Do you need to talk like your boss? Or be interested in football or golf just because all your colleagues are so immersed in conversations about the Super Bowl or The PGA Tour? Do we really need that luxury car? The six-figure golf membership? Is that what you want or what you are or it is the power of societal pressure?


Gary Zukav, author of the bestselling The Seat of the Soul talks about the power inherent in all of us.A power that loves life in every form that it appears, a power that does not judge what it encounters, a power that perceives meaningfulness and purpose in the smallest details’.


When we are able to draw away the distractions imposed by the chaotic chants of the world with the worldly mantra that revolves around getting rich and possessing material gains, we will be able to ‘align our thoughts, emotions and actions with the highest part of ourselves’. Then we will be filled with enthusiasm, purpose and meaning and life will be full and we will have no thoughts of bitterness.   Life dictates you until you decide that YOU should dictate life.

know thyself

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