10 Qualities of An Ideal Man

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While I do not believe that “The One” exist, I do believe there are certain qualities in a man that is on the criteria list of most women out there. Here’s my list of 10 qualities of an ideal man.

10 qualities of an ideal man

1)  Optimistic and Great Sense of Humor

He has a positive outlook on life, even when things aren’t bright and sunny. With a great sense of humor, he always makes you laugh. Most of the time, he is someone who is very fun and enjoyable to be with.


2)  Faithful/Loyal and Committed

He is someone who is reliable and trustworthy. You know deep down in your heart that you can always count on him for support, understanding, and comfort. Most importantly, you can trust him that he won’t deliberately do things or make decisions that would hurt you or the relationship/marriage.


3)  Great Communication Skills

Without being judgmental, he practices patience and empathetic listening. He tries to see things from your point of view before providing solutions or advice and is able to get his message across by conveying his thoughts effectively.

10 qualities of an ideal man

4)  Respect You and Treat You as an Equal Partner

Your opinions are valued and he genuinely wants to understand your thoughts. He discusses things with you before making important decisions. Not to mention having a deep respect for you, your family, your friends, your choices, your career, and your space/privacy.


5)  Affectionate, Sensitive, and Romantic

He expresses his love and care for you through simple, affectionate gestures like hugs, kisses, holding hands, calls, sweet little notes/cards, saying “I love you,” and etc. Attentive and sensitive to your needs, he cheerfully does little things to make you happy and loved and cared for.


6)  Appreciative and Forgiving

He doesn’t take you or the relationship/marriage for granted and appreciates you and the things you do for him on a daily basis. A very forgiving person, he doesn’t hold grudges when you unintentionally hurt his feelings or make mistakes. 


7)  Love You Just the Way You Are

You are good enough just the way you are – in fact, in his eyes, you are the best and accepts you as a total package – the good and the not-so-good. He helps and encourages you to learn and grow to your fullest potential, instead of molding you to become the “dream girl” or “ideal wife” in his fantasy.

8)  Financially Responsible

Notice I didn’t mention “financially wealthy” – I said “financially responsible.” You don’t have to be a millionaire or make a million a year. It’s not about how much money you make but rather how well you manage what you have – making wise financial decisions, plans, and investments.


9)  Passionate about Life

He has other passions in life other than you, for example his work, hobbies, interests, friends, family, religious beliefs, and etc. A person who takes good care of himself, he doesn’t rely on you entirely for his happiness. He deeply believes and feels that life is wonderful and worth living and he’s committed to life long learning and self development.


10)  Confident and Competent

He is confident, but not arrogant. Men are born leaders, protectors, and providers (at least they deeply believe they are) – we all know that. It’s nothing new. However, in order for a woman to genuinely and deeply admire, adore, and respect her man, he has to be competent to begin with. That doesn’t mean he has to perfect (everybody makes mistakes) or has supernatural powers. But he kind of has to know what he’s doing.

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