10 Tips On How to Express Your Feelings (Without Embarrassing Yourself)

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You have known a girl for a while or you’ve just met a girl and think that she’s the one. You want to tell her you like her. Before you take the plunge, it is essential to have clarity of thought. Here are 10 tips on expressing your feelings to a girl that you like her:

express your feelings

1. Prepare yourself. Do whatever it takes to make you feel confident of yourself. You don’t have to be as good looking as Bradley Cooper or Johnny Depp but you must look presentable.

2. Know what you want to say beforehand. Exude confidence and sure of yourself. That alone would speak volumes for you. In the event that you are feeling nervous and had forgotten a rehearsed line (there should be NO rehearsed line in the first place, but I know some of you can’t help it), just remember the KISS formula – Keep It Sweet & Simple. expressing your feelings

3. Whether her response is positive, negative or indifferent, be ready for whatever comes. Being poise and calmly help you get into her good books eventually. Whining like a sore loser will not change the situation if things are not working out.

4. Be frank and straight to the point. Being wishy-washy and beating around the bush will make you look like a wimp. Once you are in front of her, you have already committed yourself to telling her how you feel.

5. Never make her feel like she owes you anything. She will become really uncomfortable. Anyway, nobody owes you anything.

6. Always be prepared to lose her. If she does not reciprocate your feelings, take it like a man. It’s not the end of the world. There are many more fishes in the sea. Unless of course, if you live in a small village in the Amazon jungle where there are only two females – the girl you are targeting and her grandmother.

expressing your feelings

7. Your life must not revolve around her and her alone. If you don’t have a life, go get a life. Having other interest and hobbies will make appear more interesting, appealing and multi-dimensional. And it give you a wider repertoire in your conversations.

8. The biggest no-no before the start of a relationship is to fantasize about your ‘girl to be’ before anything serious or romantic happens. You don’t want the girl to get the impression that you are a desperate or worse, a sexual deviant.

9. Never ever come on too strong. Most often than not, men likes to jump the gun. Often impatient, they want to move to third base before they even start pitching [see no. 8 above]. expressing your feelings

10. The best way to express your feelings is through your action because action speaks louder than wordsUse your feelings and express yourself with your heart rather than your mind. If you are able to make her “feel” your feelings without resorting to too many words or logic, you are home!

express your feelings

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